SR Packaging

SR Packaging

SR Packaging provides recycled plastic options for skincare, beauty, and cosmetic packaging needs. Start now and reach out for sustainability.

SR Packaging innovates packaging with a sustainable solution and offers all PET bottles and jars with customizable PCR material. SRP helps skincare, personal care, beauty, and cosmetic companies to build measurable success with advanced technology and high efficiency.

Innovate Packaging with Sustainable Solution

It is important to avoid harmful activity to the environment. By innovating packaging design and deploying advanced technology, SRP programs a better future with sustainable action.

Operate with Highly Efficiency

The company has an R&D center, production sites, and service offices located in Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. The staffs in different locations ensure immediate feedback and support.

Certified with International Standards

Bearing the expectation of maintaining strict management and quality control, SR Packaging has been certified with ISO 9001, 14000, and 18000. it had also experienced and built up the lean/flat organization structure, practiced JIT, TPM, TQM, 7S among all SR Packaging Companies.

Build Measurable Success

For better performance with the outcome of the best production turnaround, as well as a budget saver that provides high-quality products, SRP uses KPI to accomplish a win-win situation for SRP's customer and itself.

Energy-saving and Cost-effective Production

SRP utilizes automation for production to increase productivity. The goal is to decrease the labor utilization less than 35% by gradually bringing it down 10% less each year.

It has the latest intelligent camera equipment to perform 100% quality check that optimizes quality control.

Custom Made and Client Focused

Beyond having a wide range of products to choose from, SR Packaging offers ultimate turnkey solutions to clients who are looking to differentiate. With their experienced and fast-responding team, SR Packaging will guide customers from the initial concept stage to molded sampling, all the way through to the latest 2D and 3D software prototypes and modeling. Making their customers' products stand out from the crowd is SRP's primary goal.