Australasian Packaging Conference 2020 (postponed)

The Australian Institute of Packaging's 2020 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference that will be held at Crown Promenade on 1 & 2 April. Following over two decades of highly successful technical conferences, the 2020 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference will be designed to deliver a two-day educational program that will cover a broad range of topics relating to the theme PACKAGING: FIT FOR THE FUTURE.


The packaging industry is facing many challenges at the moment with global plastic pollution and recycling issues and transformational changes to value and supply chain models, resulting in negative government and consumer perceptions. These challenges are requiring packaging companies, manufacturers and retailers to re-think their approaches and undertake strategic changes to address the challenges of meeting global and domestic Sustainable Packaging, National Packaging Targets, transform supply chains; all the while having clear parameters for driving the 4R’s.

The packaging industry globally is looking towards true circular value chains and ensuring that recyclability of packaging, recycled content, reducing packaging wherever possible, replacing problematic materials, designing with new materials, looking at how packaging can be reused and developing closed looped programs are the new normal for packaging design.

The additional challenge of ‘Halving Food Waste going to Landfill by 2030’ is also another target that Food Manufacturers need to recognise and designing Save Food Packaging is a challenge that packaging technologists and designers need to start incorporating into all product development.

Packaging Design is also changing with new intuitive and innovative packaging being introduced every day. Now more than ever is the time to collaborate, share ideas and success stories, discuss the challenges and journeys the industry is facing openly and what we can do collectively to work towards the same targets.

The 2020 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference PACKAGING: FIT FOR THE FUTURE will attract delegates from all facets of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and packaging industries including packaging technologists, designers and engineers, sustainability managers, marketing, sales, production, design agencies to equipment suppliers, raw material providers, users of packaging, retailers and consumers, environmental managers, procurement, quality teams, government & councils and waste & recycling companies.


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