Pouches: Join the refill revolution with BLUESKY

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Bluesky Solutions meets the increasing demand for refills and refillable options with their new lightweight pouches. The customisable pouches offer several benefits to the client and the environment. They are applicable to home care and personal care, as well as food- depending on the suitability of the product.  


A major advantage of the product is that it is lightweight. The pouches are cheaper to ship with their reduced volume and weight measurements and can be shipped flat or on a roll, allowing for a larger number of packages to be transported.


As pouches use less material in their manufacturing, compared with rigid bottles, the energy needed to convert the raw material is lowered, reducing the c02 emissions. To further increase the sustainability factor, use the pouch in conjunction with the infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle- the ultimate green duo!

Special Features

Pouches can feature handy spouts to aid pouring, tamper-evident reclosures and dispensing options. They can hold capacities ranging from 100ml to 2 litres, in a variety of dimensions. The smooth-surface design allows for high-quality images on the packaging and there is plenty of room for branding and labelling on the front and the back of the pack.

Lightweight Refillable Pouches are Cost-effective and Sustainable

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