Aluminium Roll-On

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Stand out from the crowd with this roll-on with aluminium can. It’s a fantastic choice for deodorant and antiperspirant products. It’s an alternative to glass and plastic roll-on bottles, and it’s sustainable.

The Aluminium Roll-On is small, lightweight and unbreakable, ideal for both on-the-go and domestic settings. Its compact size increases the pack's portability, with the metal finish creating a more high-end look than conventional roll-on bottles. 

After use, the pack can be easily disammbled and recycled as each component is 100% recyclable. 

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content

The cans are made from high-quality aluminium or recycled aluminium on request. We can supply cans made from 100% PCR material (100% used beverage can scrap, saving 96% of CO2, ISO 14021 certified).

• Personal Care
• Cosmetic

• Filling volume 50 - 75ml, brimful volume 85ml
• Aluminium can size 40x87mm, total height of the roll-on ~100mm
• Ball diameter 28.9mm

Material and weights:
• Aluminium can ~ 14.0g
• LDPE housing/fitment ~ 3.4g
• PP ball ~ 2.9g
• PP cap ~ 4.8g - also available in RPP quality (recycled PP)
• Total weight ~25g

Aluminium Facts
• Energy efficient and resource conserving
• 100% and infinitely recyclable without loss of it’s material properties
• Lighter than steel and much lighter than glass

The caps are available in black, white, and transparent colour. Other colours are available upon request.

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