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Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Packaging 

BlueSky understands that vitamin, mineral and supplement packaging is not only vital to the perceived value of a brand, but it also adds to protect the product itself.

BlueSky’s healthcare range is a comprehensive offering of recyclable plastic and glass packaging solutions designed specifically for the healthcare, VMS, OTC, medicine, alternative and complementary health markets.

Fuel for Thought

The VMS range is also ideal for Sports Supplements Packaging.

Whether your customers are pumping out the cardio to lose a few pounds, pushing their body to the limit weightlifting, or doing a little yoga in their spare time, staying on top of their nutrition is key to achieving the best results possible. 

BlueSky's huge range of packaging specifically for protein powder, protein shakes, supplements and vitamins will ensure the products you manufacture reach the consumer in perfect condition.


In addition, to meet the evolving consumer trends of well-being and beauty from within, BlueSky has a range of packaging suitable to enhance and protect your vitamin, mineral and supplement products. The range includes pill bottles, dropper bottles and pouches.

Get in touch with BlueSky for more information on VMS packaging solutions.

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