Mascara Tube Packaging: Increased Formula Control and Reduced Product Waste

  • Cherng Mei

Cherng Mei offers the cosmetic market hundreds of styles of eyeliners, mascaras and lip glosses in a range of materials and shapes to suit individual preferences.  

One of Cherng Mei’s recent releases includes the flexible cosmetic tube for mascara, providing a modern take on mascara packaging.

One of the main benefits of tube packaging for mascara is that consumers have more control over the product. The formula can be more easily manipulated inside the tube and collected by the applicator.

The tube is available in different decorative options including opaque and transparent finishes. When opting for a transparent tube, users once again can combine increased visibility with flexible tube packaging to reduce any product wastage.

Coming in two styles, M409-1 and M409-2 you can choose between a classic or elongated cap. Both hold 5ml of product and can easily slip into cabin luggage, small purses for on-the-go makeup and touch-ups.  

The tube can also be paired with a thin brush and doe foot applicators to create eyeliner or lipgloss packs. 

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