Double Ended Cosmetic Tubes

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Cherng Mei is a specialist in cosmetic packaging, offering packaging for mascara, lip gloss, lipstick and foundations to name a few. Within Cherng Mei's collection is an array of cosmetic tubes, all fitted with various applicator tips depending on the desired function.

Double Ended Cosmetic Tubes

With the development of new cosmetic products, our makeup kits are becoming more populated and we must become more selective with our on-the-go products. Cherng Mei's Double-Ended Cosmetic Tubes help to make more efficient use of space and to enhance overall user experience.

The M370 Double-Ended Tube can be used for two complementary products for lip care such as glosses and tints to create an all-in-one package. One tube uses the beveled shape to match the natural contour of the lip, while the other tube utilizes a small nozzled orifice for targeted application. Equally, the tube can be used for skin care or facial cosmetic touch-ups, potentially in combination with lip care for a more diverse multi-tool.

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