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    Collcap a UK based company with a presence in North America and Asia, is dedicated to innovative cosmetic, perfume, and personal care packaging.

    A truly global sourcing network, a wealth of technical experience and design know-how, and a dedicated team providing excellence in quality and service. A leading primary packaging solution provider for the cosmetic, perfume, and skin care industries, Collcap offers an ever-growing range of standard products alongside its bespoke design service. Core services include:


    Our worldwide sourcing network sets us apart from competitors. Strong supplier relationships enable us to supply an unparalleled range of cost-effective and quality-assured primary packaging alongside the most up to date printing and decoration techniques.

    Products we supply include:

    • Plastic Extruded Tubes
    • Glass & Plastic Bottles, Jars, Pots & Containers
    • Caps & Closures
    • Applicators including Sponges, Wands, Roller Balls
    • Accessories
    • Lipsticks, Compacts, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow, Blusher, Pressed Powder
    • Lotion Pumps, Fragrance Pumps, Airless Pump Containers
    • Twist & Click Pens

    Bespoke Design

    Our design service is flexible and dedicated, utilising a range of technologies, including 3D rendering and 3D printing, to create products to satisfy the most complex of customer aspirations.

    We can offer advice and recommendations on the most up to date of packaging trends as part of our service offering, and bespoke designs can be created in light of our innovation and trend reports.

    Our in-house design team will guide customers’ own designs to reality, in addition to providing original designs, and can work to an open brief or a defined specification.

    Rapid Prototyping

    Our design team is now able to create a working model from CAD virtual designs within 72 hours, courtesy of the latest 3D printing technology.

    The technology gives customers the chance to hold a model of their product without tooling costs and the long wait for sample creation, with the potential to substantially reduce project lead times.

    Models can be weighted, coloured and sprayed to give customers a true feel for their product before production tooling.