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    Tense Tube





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      Experience a new and fresh massage application!  The Tense Tube is designed for formulas that require an original piece of packaging with dual functionality: apply with the nozzle, smooth with the metal.  This tube is suitable for eye contour, lip contour, anti-wrinkle treatment, CC Cream, and concealer products. Formulas that can be delivered include gels, creams, balms, and serums.

      You can also chose among 6 textured applicators to enhance the benefits of your formula.


      Technical details

      Diameter: 16 mm or 19 mm / 0.63 inches or 0.75 inches

      Filling Capacity:
      Ø 16mm: from 3 to 15 ml / from 0.1 to 0.34 US Fl. Oz
      Ø 19mm: from 8 to 20ml / from 0.27 to 0.68 US Fl. Oz.

      Tube material: Mono, multilayer or laminate
      Tube decoration: Offset, Silk Screening, Hot Stamping, Labelling, Varnishing, Shrink Sleeve

      Cap material: PP
      Cap decoration: Metallization, Lacquering, H/S, S/S

      Nozzle material: PE

      Head material: Zamac (available in silver, gold, black and gun metal)

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