Sustainable and Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for your brands

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As the world becomes more conscious about environmental issues and global warming, organizations have been making significant changes in the products they sell and services they provide. The energy sector has been shifting towards renewable energy alternatives like solar and wind, while megastores urge customers to reuse bags or choose paper over plastic. Brands have been incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for their products.

Many people are worried about the present state of the environment and are committed to buying items that do not contribute to its destruction. Your packaging conveys a strong statement. It's your initial impression, and it communicates your brand, values, and what distinguishes you from the competition. Many cosmetics businesses are taking into account today's well-educated market in determining how to meet their clients' needs and are realising the advantages of implementing sustainable packaging and ensuring that the product is ecologically friendly.

Efficient Engineering's in-house industrial designers are up to date on industry trends and designs and can interpret and transform abstract notions into polished product designs. The firm has an excellent R&D facility and gives experienced technical guidance on the newest materials, methods, and decorative technologies, with over 30 years of expertise.

The company’s current projects involve creating:

  • Mono Material packaging for ease of recycling.
  • Refillable packaging for skin care and colour cosmetics.
  • Weight/Plastic reduction in existing packaging.
  • PCR (Post Consumer Resin) usage in existing packs
  • Scientific Injection Moulding (IM) to optimise IM time and reduce energy consumption.

We believe it is our responsibility as designers, researchers and manufacturers to contribute aggressively towards conceptualizing and helping our clients build a sustainable circular economy.

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