Nail Varnish Packaging at Efficient Engineering

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Efficient Engineering is masterful at providing high-quality and thoughtfully designed packaging solutions for cosmetics and beauty. 

One of the company's specialties includes complete packs for nail varnishes, one being the EE-NPF2 Minimal Nail Paint Container. 

The Minimal Nail Paint Container is formed from soft inviting shapes and curves with ergonomic handling. The square-facing surface provides an impactful space for branding, clearly displayable from the shelves.

Holding 13ml of solution, customers can choose from a choice of two applicator styles; flat or round stem, depending on the nature of the solution. 

Nail Varnish Packaging at Efficient Engineering

The high-quality glass bottle gives your brand a luxurious feel and can be paired with a selection of decorative possibilities such as printing, metalization, gloss and matte finishes to create your own unique look. 

Nail Varnish Packaging at Efficient Engineering

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