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    Beauty tech is Essentia’s competitive advantage!

    • Essentia Beauty
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    “Marketers have always placed the customer at the centre,” explains Katia de Martino, CEO of Essentia Beauty, but in practice, for companies and especially large ones, it is not always easy to implement. Our mission is therefore to deliver innovation by staying focused on the consumer’s real expectations, hence our new identity “Essentia Beauty Concept provider”.

    In line with this logic of action, Essentia Beauty has invested in digital technologies for facial recognition, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The company is the first full service Beauty company able to propose a turnkey cosmetic line supported by a digital app.

    "We believe that the future of beauty will integrate more and more high digital technologies to offer customized product according specific needs of each consumer and personalized advices”.

    Creativity: the strong point of “Allmazing”!

    We are convinced that more and more the consumer will expect to be involved in the creative process and this is already part of the strategy of some successful Indie brands as Glossier. This is why we have launched Allmazing, an on line platform that organizes creative contests in the areas of beauty, fashion and design.

    Allmazing supports the creative process of Essentia Beauty but is also opened to Brands eager to experiment the fantastic potential of creative crowdsourcing. After one year, Allmazing, through its contest and its blog, involves a community of over 20.000 followers on Facebook and 4.000 on Instagram.

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