Heinz Glas presents the PCR Eco Powder Compact

  • Heinz Glas

With its "Eco Powder Compact", the HEINZ-GLAS Group presents a proven product in a sustainable, luxurious version.

The newly developed Powder Compact consists of a slim glass jar made of high-quality, sustainable PCR glass, produced with CO2-free energy plus recycled lime, and a screw-on, hinged top made of recycled plastic with space for an internal mirror and a powder puff.

The technical challenge in creating the Eco Powder Compact was to achieve the smallest possible deviation in terms of diameter and height for existing beauty products of this kind.

The system is refillable with standard powder pans, so when refilling, only the product itself needs to be replaced and not the outer packaging. This gives the consumer the option of putting together his or her own product from various combinations.

Another advantage is the protective function of the glass for the product inside. The sturdy glass in the lower part of the Eco Powder Compact protects the product inside from bumps and shocks.

Contact Heinz Glas directly to learn of other innovative products that the company can develop.

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