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Hoffmann – environmentally aware and energy saving

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Metal is the most frequently reused and most easily recyclable material in the world. Metal packaging has a recycling rate of over 75% in Europe. As a manufacturer of metal packaging, we also contribute a great deal to this.

Fresh air. Untouched nature. Clean water. We do everything possible to keep the environment healthy.

We collect all metal waste generated in the production process and give it to recycling experts so it can be reused. Paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, and special waste are also rigorously separated, collected and recycled. Whether they are process rejects or packaging materials, everything is disposed of properly and with environmental protection in mind.

We already engaged in a commitment with the Swiss government to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency in 2005. These targets were again intensified in 2014, and we extended our commitment to reach these targets as a company. We continuously check for "energy wasters" in our performance chain and optimize our energy balance, where we can.

Sustainability and careful treatment of the environment are integral to our company's culture. Equally, exhaust air is also purified from our paint lines. The purification of exhaust air is carried out through downstream thermal afterburning (Thermische Nachverbrennung, "TNV") with a system which meets the strict requirements of the Swiss Clear Air Act. The exhaust air gases are burned at a temperature of 720 to 750°C (1328-1382°F) in the TNV. Solvent vapors and pollutants will be almost completely removed, leaving water vapor and carbon dioxide. The heat of combustion can also be used to heat the paint oven, thus saving valuable primary energy in the form of natural gas.

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