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Invitation to discover attractive and effective packaging for the marijuana market

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Visitors to Hoffmann the Tin's Webpackaging LIVE 3D showcase are invited to attend the company's on-demand webinar which features an in-depth discussion into the best packaging practices for the cannabis market.

The webinar is available on demand until September 29th with direct access to register available from webpackaging.live where the company's 3D stand is incorporated.

In addition to accessing the webinar, visitors to the showcase can explore metal packaging options for the personal care, nutrition and spice markets as well as the cannabis industry, all shown in 3-dimensions from the computer screen.

As an added benefit, the company has incorporated a feature to 'Create your CR Tin Style' enabling visitors the opportunity to customize a child resistant tin, with just a few clicks of the mouse, and view the finished result on screen.

HOFFMANN The Tin Booth at Webpackaging LIVE HOFFMANN The Tin Has a 3D Booth on Webpackaging LIVE Take a look to access the webinar!

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