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Hoffmann Neopac launches the "Metal is Eternal" campaign online

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Hoffmann Neopac is one of the world's leading developers and producers of high-quality packaging for health care products, beauty products, luxury foodstuffs, and tobacco. The Hoffman side of the business produces packaging items in metal or metal and plastic for a number a sectors, including the tobacco, confectionery, food, and non-food industries. Recently, the company launched its "Metal is Eternal" campaign to inform consumers and corporate entities about the virtues of metal as a raw material and its pre-eminent place in the packaging universe. The campaign was brought to life through an interactive edutainment presentation developed at Webpac Digital Media Studios.

"Metal is Eternal" is no idle claim. Nearly 80% of the metal ever mined by humans throughout history is still in use today, recycled and re-used infinitely with no loss of quality or attributes. Metal that begins as a simple packaging concept such as a can or tin can be recycled into just about anything, including electronic components, jet engine parts, household tools, car pieces, building materials, or any number of other items used by people every day.

The "Metal is Eternal" presentation is available for view at www.metaliseternal.com, and takes the visitor through the entire metal production, usage, and recycling process. It even offers a number of interactive 3D models that the user can customize to see what prospective products offered by the firm might look like prior to even engaging in prototyping.

Upon completion, visitors can choose to participate in Hoffmann's "Win a Tin" contest, where winners can receive a metal tin concept designed by the firm filled with some of the best professional coloured pencils on the market, a must-have for artists and designers alike.

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