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Tin packaging is a great way to keep products safe and fresh. And stylish decoration on the metal exterior can make tins particularly captivating to children. But how can kids, or pets, be stopped from accessing the product inside?

Hoffmann’s patented and customizable child-resistant tins offer a safe solution for products that require extra protection from curious probing fingers. The closure cannot be removed from the tin unless it is correctly manipulated using a downward force when turned. Only then will the tin open, enabling the user to access the content inside.

Certified child-resistant, Hoffmann’s tins ensure that food and health supplements, CBD and hemp, and other regulated products are fully protected from unwanted access as well as environmental elements such as light, oxygen or moisture, ensuring that the product inside stays fresh.

Produced in tinplate steel, with a polypropylene insert, the tins are recyclable after use. The tins are available in a 70mm diameter with different heights to create container volumes of 50, 100 and 500ml for the packaging of dry and semi-dry products.

Hoffmann has already sold millions of Child Resistant tins to the US market and its second-generation Child Resistant Airtight tin is patent pending. With a slightly different opening mechanism, the 2nd Generation tin opens to release the product when the side strips are pressed and the tin is turned.

Even when the label, offset print, embossed decoration or the tin's highly polished exterior catches a child's eye, Hoffmann’s child-resistant tin packaging holds firm to safely keep the contents secure from unwanted access.

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