HDPE Bottle - 06

Jiann Gwo, one of Asia's leading producers of plastic containers for a variety of industries, has released a set of bottles dedicated to creating a "family" of products. Without variation, all the containers and dispensers are precisely scaled in order to create perfectly proportionate sizes for similar or complementary products.

The experts engineers at Jiann Gwo have created these bottles out of HDPE, with liquid capacities of 120ml, 240ml, 360ml, and 550ml, and they certainly stand out because of their unique shape, light weight, and beauty.

Being made of HDPE, the bottles can also be done up with a variety of decoration techniques, and Jiann Gwo has one of the largest offerings of options available, to ensure customization is simple, quick, and cost-effective.

Jiann Gwo Plastic Industry Co. offers only the most advanced computerized auto plastic manufacturing. The company provides a wide range of full services and global sales, from tooling to production.

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