HDPE Bottle - 04

Jiann Gwo has released a lovely new set of HDPE bottles with elegant and contemporary pumps for the personal care sector. The bottles feature wide bases and a cylindrical design inspired by the clinical format of laboratory bottles, providing consumers one more reason to trust the products contained within.

Currently, the bottles are available in three sizes (300ml, 380ml, and 770ml) and the line is rounded out by a fourth version in PET-G of 770ml, a complement to the set that offers improved clarity and luminescence. Each of the bottles can be complemented with a wide variety of pump options, including the ones depicted which are a contemporary match to the bottles' scientifically-influenced look.

With manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan, the company can provide packaging in both large and small quantities. Jiann Gwo is a dynamic and creative firm that specializes in both standard and customized items, for which it is recognized internationally both for the breadth of its innovative designs as well as their attention to detail and level of service.

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