PETG Bottle - 04

Jiann Gwo has released a tall and thin new line of gorgeous PET-G bottles with contemporary pumps for the personal care sector. The bottle and pump combo, which we've affectionately nicknamed "Ibis" at WEBpackaging (due to the distinctive line of the pumps and bottles when assembled), feature a cylindrical design reminiscent of the aforementioned bird's natural silhouette.

Currently, the bottles are available in four sizes (210ml, 300ml, 480ml, and 600ml). The fact that the line is made of highly ransparent PET-G ensures the bottles offer improved clarity and luminescence. Though the "Ibis" line is offered with a lovely, thin pump system, the bottles can be complemented with a wide variety of pump options. Thanks to the thin and tall shape of the bottles, the items don't take up a lot of horizontal shelf space.

With manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan and China the company can provide packaging in both large and small quantities. Jiann Gwo is a dynamic and creative firm that specializes in both standard and customized items, for which it is recognized internationally both for the breadth of its innovative designs as well as their attention to detail and level of servi

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