PETG Bottle - 06

Jiann Gwo, one of the Asian region's best sources for personal care packaging, has released a new line of bottles and complementary items geared toward the personal care space.  The bottles are distinctively shaped, a square cross-section tapering up to rounded top corners just underneath the closure neck.

The line, which is made of gorgeous and clear PET-G, even comes with a mid-range option in a more pyramidal format that can be used as a quirky attention-drawer for a full cosmetic line. Perfect for creating a full range of personal care or cosmeceutical items, the line is light and durable, ensuring consumers will have en easy time of getting the items home and using them.

Jiann Gwo has one of the largest gamuts of options available, to ensure customization is simple, quick, and cost-effective, taking the time required to work with customers to ensure their packaging is exactly what they need to draw attention on the shelf. The bottles currently come in sizes of 200ml, 220ml (with two shape options), and 600ml. Pumps can be added according to the sort of product to be dispensed. Jiann Gwo offers a massive range of accessories to choose from.

With manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan, the company can provide packaging in both large and small quantities. Jiann Gwo is a dynamic and creative firm that specializes in both standard and customized items, for which it is recognized internationally both for the breadth of its innovative designs as well as their attention to detail and level of service.

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