Metal-tipped mushroom cap cosmetic containers

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's primary sources of innovative packaging for the cosmetic sector, has just released a new line of metal tipped containers that feature a curiously shaped head, much like a mushroom cap. The head makes the packaging concept perfect for the hands-free application of wrinkle treatments around the eyes and mouth where touching the formula isn't recommended, though it can be used for a number of applications related to cosmeceuticals or colour cosmetics.

The product reservoir, made of a highly compatible PP interior with a ratcheting SAN base, allows consumers to twist the bottom to dispense minuscule amounts of product out of the top aperture to be spread with the metal head. Thus, fingers never come into contact with the product, ensuring maximum hygiene and product security. The anodized aluminum head also provides a more pleasant experience to users, as it remains cool to the touch and glides almost effortlessly over the skin, even without any product on it.

An excellent concept for wrinkle treatments, the new 4.8ml mushroom cap containers are also a great item for lip products such as primer, gloss, or stain.

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