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The colour red is traditionally believed to represent good luck in Chinese culture. Often, the colour is used in celebrations, including dress and decor at weddings and Chinese New Year gift giving, as a means of infusing proceedings with good fortune. Even the widespread Asian use of red coral as a semi-precious stone seems to stem from this widely held tradition. In order to provide buyers in the Asian market with an appropriate packaging format, Libo has released the gorgeously coloured "Red" line of cosmetic packaging, perfect for imbuing daily cosmetic use with a little bit of luck.

The colour of the new line is an exact match for naturally occurring coral and the bright, beautiful red that's seen everywhere in the East. Not only are the cosmetic components coloured nicely, the golden accenting adds a touch of class to the containers, as the colour represents wealth and happiness.

With both lipstick or gloss containers and compacts to choose from, companies can release a full line or individual items depending upon marketing needs. The containers, being square and nicely edged, offer a large proportion of decorated surface for companies seeking to add hot-stamping, silk screen printing or labelling.

Current items available

Item number: LB-A037B (compact)
Materials: ABS + AS
Size: 55.32mm x 55.32mm x 15.23mm
Pan size: 43mm x 43mm x 5mm

Item number: LB-A038B (compact)
Materials: ABS + AS
Size: 41.47mm x 41.47mm x 13.38mm
Pan size: 29.9mm x 29.9mm x 5mm

Item number: LB-A298 (lipstick tube)
Materials: ABS + AS
Elevator & spiral: HIPS PH-88
Size: 22.85mm x 22.85mm x 70.02mm
Cup size: 12.7mm / 12.1mm

The different sizes and configurations of the line allow a company to market a full range of colour cosmetic products in a uniform and elegant style that's bound to draw attention on the shelf. Custom configurations are always negotiable.

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