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The enhanced Linx 7900 continuous ink jet printer now comes with added capabilities to help food and drink customers print perfectly, minimise mistakes and measure production output. Its improved software delivers quick, time-saving changeovers between products or messages, while simple automated set-up helps ensure users get it right first time.

New Linx QuickSwitch Plus delivers simple, automated code set up, reducing the risk of costly errors and cutting the time required to switch products. It is perfect for customers with frequent changeovers.

By simply connecting a barcode scanner, the Linx 7900 can intelligently decipher the barcode to select a message from its memory, edit the message content, set the date and choose parameters such as print orientation, height and width and position on the pack, all without operator intervention. Data can also be sourced from a PC or PLC, giving more automated code set up options.

In addition Linx PrintSync, first introduced in the award-winning Linx CJ400, enables automatic print format selection, using the line speed to ensure the best possible print. This simplified process saves time and guarantees the Linx 7900 delivers its optimum print quality.

Meanwhile the new Print History log feature solves the issue of accurate product output measurement by recording which codes have been printed, how many times and over what period, allowing accurate measurement of production line output. Capable of logging up to 400 separate print sessions, this replaces time-consuming and error-prone manual recording.

The Linx 7900 already offers a wealth of features, including Linx Insight software allowing users to monitor and control their printers through a web browser, either via a PC or a web enabled smartphone. Ink system technology enables the Linx 7900 printer to run for up to 9.000 hours or 18 months between services. And as the Linx 7900 is one of the most reliable CIJ printers on the market, it comes with a warranty of up to 18 months at no extra cost.

Charles Randon, Senior Product Manager at Linx, says:

"Our customers tell us they are concerned about errors being made by employees during the setting-up process, especially where the item being coded changes frequently. We also know they need to measure line output, and manual recording takes time and isn’t always accurate. That's why we've added these new features to the Linx 7900, which will help customers to save time, reduce coding errors, and measure their production output more accurately."

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