Linx 10 provides Emissco with reliability and flexibility

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A Linx 10 printer from Linx Printing Technologies is providing one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of emission products with a high-quality, compact, and easy-to-use coding solution. Stoke-on-Trent-based Emissco has especially praised the Linx 10 for its reliability and flexibility.

The aerosol cans that Emissco manufactures must display batch numbers, product numbers, and expiry dates without fail – and therefore require a highly reliable coding solution that provides consistent and durable codes, and is simple to operate and maintain.

Another of Emissco’s key requirements is ease of setup, so the coding information is straightforward to input and any errors quickly corrected. The fast and easy message set-up of the Linx 10 is via a colour touch screen that includes image-based code selection to reduce coding errors and speed up changeovers.

The Linx 10’s compact dimensions allow easy integration into packing lines where space is an issue, and at Emissco it is positioned between the button and cap machines on the main track. The printer is around half the weight and footprint of other ink jet printers, and features a carry handle and printhead dock that make it totally portable, while its sturdy construction ensures that print performance and quality are unaffected by line vibrations.

Its unique MEK-free fluid, which comes in simple mess-free refill cartridges, offers excellent adhesion and fast drying times. This reduces downtime by ensuring that the two lines of code, which Emissco prints onto the bottom of the metal aerosol cans, endure through the production process and remain intact during end-customer use.

While the line speed is 45 cans per minute, tests run by Emissco have also shown that, when necessary, the Linx 10 copes with a line speed of 60 cans per minute with no trouble at all.

“Our Linx 10 is a handy piece of kit that does exactly what it says on the tin,” comments Jill Burke, Aerosol Plant Manager at Emissco. “Besides the fact that it’s never broken down, what makes the Linx 10 perfect for us is its magic balance between, on the one hand, producing hard-wearing codes, and on the other, making initial setup both uncomplicated and quick to correct if necessary.”

Emissco manufactures and distributes emission products to the automotive aftermarket. Its sister company Klarius Products is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket emissions components in the UK.

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