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    Lumson - Italy

    Lumson - Italy

    Lumson is a leading company in Europe in development, production, decoration and distribution of primary packaging for the cosmetic, make-up, and pharmaceutical markets.

    Lumson is a leading company in Europe in development, production, decoration and distribution of primary packaging for the cosmetic and make-up markets.

    Packaging Production
    Lumson is a full-fledged, major industrial reality, where primary packaging production has become a strategic activity of utmost importance for the company.

    Packaging Solutions
    Plastic and glass bottles, glass jars, Airless systems, cosmetic pumps, dispensing systems, accessories, and packaging for make-up.

    Products' Range:


    Plastic bottles, glass bottles and glass jars, Airless Systems.


    Cosmetic Pumps, Airless Systems, cosmetic dispensers, triggers, droppers, dispensing caps and flip tops.


    Covers, over caps, screw caps etc.


    Screen printing, tampo printing, hot stamping, traditional spray coloring, water based spray coloring, UV Metallization, Traditional Metallization.


    Lumson Design Team creates new packaging collections according to the latest Design and Fashion trends or to the up coming market needs.

    Lumson Technical Dept. develops the ideas using the latest technologies and an high level of innovation.

    Lumson Validation Dept. checks, tests and validates that every single item is made and manufactured according to Lumson’s standards.


    Lumson Group has always been attentive to protection of the environment and has obtained the UNI EN ISO9001:2015 Certification. The group is also active in a larger cooperation of notable, locally-based companies of the same industry in an endeavor to support and collaborate together for global success.


    Since 1975 Lumson has been one of Europe’s leaders in designing, developing, manufacturing and decorating, both standard and tailor made packaging solutions focusing on the cosmetic and the make-up markets.

    Thanks to constant evolution of the core business as well as some strategic takeovers, Lumson has developed into a major force within the industry with the manufacturing of plastic packaging turning into a fundamental and strategical activity.

    The wide offering and choice of packaging solutions and large range of services has earned Lumson crucial partnerships with companies from all markets, from food all the way through to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Between its two manufacturing sites in Capergnanica (Cr) and in S.Maria di Sala (Ve), Lumson boasts 18,000 square meters of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and an annual production capacity of up to 120 million plastic bottles.

    The factory has a highly skilled team of 450 specialized staff, working over 3 shifts.

    As well as this investment in manpower, Lumson has state of the art machinery and equipment that can work with different technologies making the company an industrial power  for packaging manufacturing.


    • Injection Molding
    • Blow Molding
    • Injection/Blow Molding
    • Assembling
    • Dispensing Systems and Pumps
    • Spray coloring
    • Screen Printing on Glass
    • Hot stamping on Glass
    • Screen Printing and Hot stamping on Plastic
    • Tampo Printing