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Xpaper: Lumson's Airless Paper Packaging

  • Lumson - Italy
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Lumson offers the most innovative airless system with a paper bottle. The award-winning X-paper is synonym of technology blended together with sustainable innovation. The bottle in cardboard encloses a multi-layered pouch technology that ensures the maximum protection of the formulas. After use, the consumer can easily separate the plastic components from the paper bottle and recycle each part appropriately.


The use of paper makes the packaging extremely light for a lower environmental impact:

  • Xpaper weighs 50% less than a PET bottle of the same size
  • Co2 emissions are reduced by 34%*
  • The plastic use is reduced by 47%
  • For an eco-friendly design the bottle in paper can be paired with Lumson’s airless plastic pump in PP and overcap in PP/PCR PP

Xpaper’s distinctive character can be found in the material of which the bottle is made: cardboard — a sustainable but totally customizable material. Different decoration techniques such as mass coloring, offset printing and hot stamping provide a million ways to personalize the pack and get remarkable results.

After use, the consumer can easily separate paper from the plastic components and recycle each part appropriately. Furthermore, the outer bottle does not come into contact with the formula, therefore ensuring no contamination of its recycling process.

The Xpaper cardboard bottle, offered in volumes of 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, encloses a multi-layered pouch technology studied to act as a barrier against external agents and to protect the formula from any possible contamination.

Contact Lumson to request any further information about this and other Lumson packaging products.

*From a SPICE analysis, where a comparison was made between XPAPER in 50ml and a Lumson airless in PET (same size), results showed that the aggregate single score was-65%, and -92% in the resource use, minerals, and metals.

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