The Fleximed System

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Hospitals are known for being fast-paced, high-stakes environments where accuracy and safety are necessary for saving lives. Healthcare professionals need to have access to the quickest and most reliable tools available.

As such, Neopac has engineered a new parenteral packaging system called Fleximed that simplifies drug preparation and administration by providing convenience, reliability and safety, be it in an emergency room, in the field, for nutrition after surgery, or for chronic illnesses requiring dialysis, vitamin infusions, or analgesic treatments.

First and foremost, the product is made of a patented polymer laminate comprising two medical grade PP sheets sandwiching a layer of PET that has had both its sides coated in silicon oxide.  This ensures that the small tube has incredible barrier properties beyond those of polymers of cyclo-olefins while maintaining clarity and transparency.  This laminate also manages to sidestep many issues associated with other primary packaging materials as the tubes don't break, nor do they contain glass particles. There are no compatibility issues with proteins or peptides, no pH-shift of sensitive formulations, and they are silicone- and tungsten-free. Fleximed tubes are delivered gamma sterilized and can be further sterilized in situ by autoclave at 121°.

The Fleximed system comes with numerous attachment options to ensure 100% compatibility in real-world situations.  By using the Fleximed Luerlock, the tubes can be connected directly to catheters or IV bags.  With the Fleximed Vial attachment, the tubes can be attached directly to syringes.  Finally, the Fleximed Easymix option offers the incredible ability to include a dry product and a liquid product (or two liquid products) in the same small tube that can be mixed just prior to use, ensuring maximum product efficacy. At no time are there needles involved, preventing accidents.

For the optimum filling and sealing of the Fleximed range, renowned firm Harro Höfliger supplies the entire technical platform, including filling and sealing machines from lab scales to production equipment using proprietary sealing technology.

The Fleximed system proves to be a major advancement in terms of reliability, ease of use, safety, and convenience for parenteral applications in clinical environments.

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