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Tubes glorious tubes: Big tubes, small tubes, plastic tubes or wood tubes

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Tubes glorious tubes: Big tubes, small tubes, plastic tubes or wood tubes. Neopac has got them all and is now sharing a selection of its tube options with the packaging public in its online 3D packaging stand.

Located within the Webpackging LIVE “always open” digital exhibition hosted at the “Planet Earth” Virtual Exhibition Center, the stand has been designed to highlight some of the company's best packaging options for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dental industries, in addition to its awarded products and sustainable packaging choices.

Visit Neopac's 3D stand

Neopac's tubes are at the cutting edge of tube technology and the company has been awarded by some of the world's most prestigious tube and packaging associations including the Tube Council, the World Packaging Association with World Star awards and etma for Tube of the Year. In addition to the aforementioned industries, Neopac's tubes are also used for animal health products, food, homecare, DIY and more.

The tubes on display on Neopac's online 3D packaging stand, have been produced in full 3D so that the viewer can rotate them, zoom right in and also link to a full product information page to discover further details.

In addition to the interactive 3D content, Neopac has included descriptive sound bytes, informative videos and access to an on-demand webinar which offers an insight into the best packaging practices for the North American cannabis market, all within the stand. Viewers can even meet the cosmetics and pharma sales teams or click the chat icon to message the sales team directly with specific questions!

Click here to visit Neopac The Tube's 3D stand!

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Neopac wins Swiss packaging award for first application of novel tube procurement service

Hoffmann Neopac has won a Swiss Packaging Award in the Marketing category for the company’s initial project involving its recently launched DigitAll360° tube procurement service. Introduced earlier this year with an online marketplace, DigitAll360° offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.

Neopac introduces Europe’s first mono-material barrier tubes with HDPE caps to receive full Recyclass technology & product approval

Hoffmann Neopac is launching a novel line of mono-material barrier tubes providing exemplary product protection while being fully compatible with existing HDPE recycling processes. The first tube solution in Europe to receive full RecyClass technology and product approval per the organization’s “Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE Containers” standards.

Continuing sustainability efforts, Neopac moves toward mono-material barrier tubes designed for recyclability

Neopac is in the development stages of food- and pharma-grade mono-material barrier tube solutions that align with existing recycling processes. Neopac’s push for mono-material tubes will employ sound packaging science to align with current recycling practices and processes – all while providing its cosmetics, food and pharma customers with outstanding barrier properties to protect sensitive products.

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