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Neopac develops Polyfoil dropper tube solution for vegan vitamin D product

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Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, has partnered with Streuli Pharma AG to launch a dropper tube for direct, precision administering of a novel vegan Vitamin D formulation. The aesthetically appealing solution for Streuli Pharma’s new food supplement Luce D3 product houses a vegan Vitamin D solution in a tube with a metered dropper for safer, more accurate dosages.

For 150 years, Streuli has produced high-quality medicines predominantly for the Swiss pharmaceutical market. Initially launched at pharmacies throughout Switzerland in September of last year, Luce D3 aimed to address the dearth of Vitamin D that children and adults tend to experience during the winter months, when the most natural provider of this essential nutrient, sunlight, is less powerful and plentiful.

Innovative dropper system

Aided by the advanced barrier properties of Neopac’s signature Polyfoil® tube, the vegan formulation also is seen as an attractive option for the increasing set of consumers who prefer non-animal-derived products. The innovative dropper system dispenses droplets individually by applying light pressure to the tube, with each drop containing 200 IUs of vitamin D. Transportable and easy to handle, the tube allows the vegan Vitamin D3 product to be directly applied into the mouth.

Utilizing Neopac’s Polyfoil® 19mm dropper tube with screw cap, the solution features a special insert on the dropper mechanism designed for liquid, serums or oily content. This helps to ensure accurate dosing by adjusting the mechanism to the proper bulk texture for ideal drop size.

Polyfoil® was an ideal choice for the dropper solution. It is a proprietary blend of materials providing advanced barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against potentially harmful external factors, including moisture and oxygen. Products housed in Polyfoil® solutions can enjoy longer shelf life compared to those stored in conventional polyethylene or polypropylene packaging.

“Streuli’s new vegan-friendly formulation speaks to the growing set of consumers whose health consciousness includes a lifestyle free of animal-derived products,” said Ralf Künzi, Sales & Business Development Manager Ophta & Medic for Hoffmann Neopac.

“The combined Polyfoil® and dropper tip technologies offers an innovative protection and delivery system for a product that must be administered accurately. We are also proud of the package’s ease of handling and portability.”

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