Neville and More launches new range of Airless Bottles

Neville and More has launched a brand new line of Airless Bottles. The new range of Airless Bottles from Neville and More is available in 7 different sizes, and includes capacities of 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml, in addition to a slender 50ml size bottle.

The associated airless pump and overcap contain only 5 components which do not include any metallic parts that could have a detrimental effect on the product contents. The airless pump is a snap on closure and available with 2 different actuator styles as standard.

Both the 15 and the 30ml Airless Bottle lotion pumps offer a clean output of 0.45ml at each dose of the product while the pumps on each of the other size bottles offer a 1.0ml output, whether dosing lotions, gels or other viscous liquids.

The Airless Bottles are manufactured from an environmentally friendly single wall polypropylene which is fully recyclable and as the pump doesn't contain any metallic parts, the consumer can throw the finished bottle directly into the recycling bin when the product has been exhausted.

The entire range of this new Airless Bottle family from Neville and More is available for minimum orders of only 2500 units in white and natural, with special colours and decoration available on request.

Further information on Neville and More's Airless Bottle ranges as well as information about some of the essential things to consider before selecting an airless container are available to read on Neville and More's web site.

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