A new range of wide profile plastic jars by Neville and More

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The new range of wide profile plastic jars is available in recyclable polypropylene in sizes of 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 200ml and 300ml.

Standard colours available from stock include white, black and transparent in matt and glossy finish. Special colour matched jars are available for a minimum production quantity of 10,000 units.

All six jars are supplied with a compatible stacking closure so that the jars can be neatly stocked on top of each other in a retail environment.

A protective shive or disc insert to keep the inside surface of the closure clean is available as an option.

This high quality range of jars is produced in a lightweight polypropylene resin which provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly pack.

The range of jars is suitable for a range of creams, pastes, ointments, scrubs, butters, supplements, capsules and powders.

This new range forms part of Neville and More's extensive family of over 100 different plastic jar shapes in polypropylene, PET and HDPE.

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