Novelty PET bottles are all the rage

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Neville and More now has the ability to develop cost effective new and novelly-shaped plastic PET bottles and jars.

The very low mould costs and flexible production quantities mean food and beverage brand owners can develop unique shapes to support special brand extensions, limited edition promotions and seasonal promotional activity.

Product ranges for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, etc. are all perfect occasions to use this service to transform brand extensions.

Different shapes could include a rocket, soccer ball, pumpkin, Christmas tree, cupcake, teddy bear, honey bee or heart shape. Why not challenge us with your ideas and suggestions? Together we can create the perfect uniquely shaped bottle or jar for your brand.

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Neville and Mores unmistakeable Bobble Cap

Neville and More's unmistakeable Bobble Cap

The latest addition to Neville and More's extensive packaging repertoire is a distinct 63mm size recyclable polypropylene Bobble Cap which can be produced in a multitude of different shades including solid colours, translucent and glitter colours. The Bobble Cap can be used for packing a whole range of different products including confectionery, chocolates, nuts, dried snacks, spices, herbs and cereals. It gives an ideal finishing touch to gift packs and for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter products.

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