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Paper materials are ideal for any brand wanting to look and act the part of sustainability. Below are our reasons for paper!

Our paper sticks are made up of kraft paperboard and exude a natural look and feel. Paper packaging is extremely versatile in that it allows manufacturers to create custom packaging and printing options. It’s never been easier for brands to tell their unique story and express their creativity!

With its make up of just a single material, it can be biodegradable at a much faster rate. Paper packaging can be recycled, allowing for the same material to have more than one life. More brands are leaning towards paper to reinforce their sustainability initiatives.

Paper packaging has a lower carbon footprint than plastic, making the world a little cleaner place to be.When done properly, it breaks down naturally to minimize environmental impact. Be sure to outline clear ways your customers can recycle the product after use to make it easier for them, and easier on the earth!

Got paper? Contact us to talk paper tubes and sticks!

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