Aluminum Designs: The AL Tube

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Aluminum packaging offers sustainable, functional and visual benefits to cosmetic and personal care packaging. NF Beauty releases its Aluminum Collection, including droppers, jars and now tubes.

The AL Tube is versatile with plenty of space for branding and the potential for eye-catching decoration applied to the aluminum.

This recyclable AL Tube minimizes the use of plastic that is seen in traditional tubes. The malleable aluminum offers a premium feel with its natural weight and cold-to-the-touch feature.

Perfect for a variety of products ranging from masks to toothpaste, you can rest assured the formula is protected and the pack is designed to be user-friendly for even thick viscosities.  

In the interest of minimizing waste, the AL Tube is also available with a Squeezer Key to ensure consumers can make the most of each drop.


  • Various Closure Shapes Available
  • Recyclable
  • Premium Feel
  • Squeezer Key Available
  • Available in Various Sizes

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