The Ambit Tottle

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NF Beauty's collection of cosmetic and personal care packaging has been designed with high functionality and strikingly modern designs. 

The Ambit Tottle fosters an exciting new shape for tottle packaging, where its unique wide front-facing shape allows for maximum usage of store display space. It also minimizes the use of vanity space for consumers as the bottle can easily be slipped into formation with other products.

It has been designed with a racetrack configuration and an elongated side press disc cap. The flexible body is easily squeezed to encourage out product, while fitting perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand.


  • Slim, sleek design
  • Racetrack Design
  • PCR Availability
  • Sizes 30ml and 50ml

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Combining two eco-friendly materials of glass and PP, this airless solution gives advanced protection while still being widely recyclable. In addition, the refillable design works to reduce the carbon footprint and gives consumers a more cost-effective option for replenishment.  The outer bottle made of glass offers a keepsake bottle with various decoration opportunities and luxurious tactility. The inner PP bottle allows for compatibility with a wide range of products.

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