The Frame Pouch: Reduced Plastic for Large Capacities

  • NF Beauty Group

NF Beauty Group’s 2023 collection seeks to provide sustainable, modern and striking packaging for cosmetic and personal care products.

The fully recyclable Frame Pouch is a stand-out product with distinctive visuals that has been developed with the intention of reducing plastic usage.

Consisting of a refillable flexible pouch, the pack is encased in a hollowed-out frame that supports the overall structure.

The flexible inner pouch opens up the possibility of increased capacities, easier control of formulas and more cost-effective refill packs for consumers.

A stylish and futuristic frame surrounds the pouch, connecting with the matching pump.

NF Beauty Group’s Frame Pouch is the perfect answer to reducing plastic for larger-size capacity items such as shampoos or body care products.


  • Refillable
  • Larger Capacities Available
  • Minimal use of plastic
  • Various sizes available


  • Spout: PE
  • Bag: PET + PE
  • Frame materials: mono-material PP
  • Pump: PP + mechanism

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