Obeikan MDF

Obeikan MDF

Obeikan MDF combines more than 75 years experience in wooden packaging with innovation and technology to create a high quality pack that is unique in the market.

Obeikan are specialists in producing direct sale, unit stacking crates which can accommodate between 100g and 15kg in weight. Obeikan MDF combine more than 75 years of experience in wooden packaging with innovation and technology to offer high quality packaging unique to the market.

Obeikan MDF produce and distribute their Boxidea system globally – having become the preferred packaging for high quality fruit and vegetables.


Obeikan MDF is committed to sustainability. The materials used to manufacture our packaging are renewable and sustainable. Medium density fiberboard originates from sustainably cultivated forest industry where trees cut down are replanted. The paper used for surface decoration is recycled paperboard. The energy demand of the company is supplied by Spain’s largest provider of renewable energy. The all natural components of the packaging are biodegradable / compostable after the use as packaging material.


Obeikan MDF is committed to manufacturing according to the highest standards of food packaging materials and standards. Our facilities, procedures and policies are ISO and BRC certified.


Obeikan MDF continuously searches and invests in better solutions for its customers and the final consumers. OMDF team is closely following up the latest trends in the fruit and packaging business, analyzes customers’ needs and implements innovation programs to best respond to the arising new requirements.