Packmax releases a new set of Push-Down pumps, perfect for nail and skin care products

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Packmax, one of Asia's leading innovators in the personal care packaging space, as well as a variety of others, has released a brand new item which it terms the Press-Down Pump, designed to be completely free of product contact with metal.

The concept was originally designed for nail polish remover, where acetone or other harsh chemicals were incompatible with dispensing systems that required metal in the mechanism, either tainting the product or creating oxidation which was both unattractive and unhygienic.

The simple cup-shaped mechanism on the top means the consumer simply has to use a small pad or sponge to press the top of the dispenser to have the product well up and moisten the application medium. The paradigm  is popular in the skin and nail care markets, as consumers enjoy the fact that they can use the dispenser without having to pick anything up while nails are being done. The speed of use is also a key differentiator.

One of the company's biggest concerns is to offer eco-sensitive solutions to firms that also provide added safety to consumers. With these strictures in mind, Ningbo Jinzhou developed the pump with the spring outside the product well. Only plastic comes in contact the liquid, avoiding any sort of product contamination. This makes the container and pump ideal for cosmetic removal products beyond simple nail care, such as toners, make-up remover, and other liquids that require ample application on the skin.

The company also offers a wide array of decorating possibilities, including its signature technique of adding an engraved logo, seal, or image to the top lid. The company has an extensive line of PET, PP, and PE bottles to go with its Press-Down pumps.

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