Available soon! Pack Max's new pump dispenser

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The latest addition into Pack Max's packaging portfolio is this good-looking pump dispenser for liquid products. As well benefiting from a nice, stylish look which lends itself well to many personal care products, the new pump offers 2 important features for brands and the consumer.

Pack Max's new pump dispenser provides a safer dispensing solution as it offers a metal-free pathway for the product. None of the liquid product can be contaminated by metal as it is expelled ready for use, ensuring the integrity of the product and thus avoiding reactions provoked by chemical reactions when a formulation comes into contact with foreign matter.

The shiny collar is available with aluminum, or as ABS finished with UV plates which can be delivered quickly with a beautiful color finish.

Pack Max's new pump is the ideal dispenser for a range of personal care products and will be available on the market very soon.

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