Packmax products show off a marvellous matte finish

There's been a notable trend at Packmax as the Chinese company has received an increasing number of enquiries for matte-look products, and the plastic packaging manufacturer has responded with a brand new decoration technique to give PET bottles a matte-look finish.

Packmax offers a range of decoration options to enhance the look of its products, including silk screening, hot stamping, UV coating, matte spray, and labelling options. Now the company has also introduced a brand new matte finish look.

Packmax's new matte finish option is different as it is not a spray decoration finish for bottles, which increases costs and can make further print decoration difficult. The new matte finish is a "greener" decoration option for PET bottles and the secret lies in Packmax's production methods.

Scroll through the PET bottle images and see how the matte finish can be used to enhance the overall look of the bottle.

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