When an oral remedy is impractical or impossible, rectal delivery is the most viable option, and Phaba’s latest micro-enema kit is designed to offer ease of use, comfort, and functionality. The micro-enema kit by Phaba is the perfect packaging for evacuating glycerol solutions. Suitable for up to 9ml of liquid, this small kit made of LDPE is usable by everyone, and is especially indicated for children, particularly those that are too small to adhere to an oral medication regimen. The kit is composed of a bellows container with a very small disposable cannula with cover and tamper evidence. The pressure closure assures a perfect seal.

NEW! From 2018, PHABA introduces a new line of packaging: the enema kit pressure closure! Available in different colors, the kit is composed of a bottle with capacity 120 ml and a pressure cannula with cover and strip tamper evident, ensuring ease of use for the final patient.

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