With different sizes and shapes, PHABA has produced PE bottles for many years. They are suitable for many products, both liquid (antibiotics, glycerin or cutaneous solutions) and powder (talcum or starch). They can be realized soft (LDPE) or hard (HDPE). Very interesting is the line of powder (for babies and similar). The available sizes are: capacities from 30 ml to 530 ml, and neck’s diameter from 18 mm to 28 mm.

In July 2016, PHABA introduced a new line of packagingPILL JARS! At the moment, they are available in the only one size of 50 ml, and are ideal for every kind of pill and tablet. The complete kit is made of a pressure cap with tamper evident strip that, if necessary, can contain a little canister with silica gel (3 gr.) to preserve the product from moisture.

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