Pin Mao offers superlative cosmetic jar liners

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Pin Mao, one of Taiwan's best sources for cosmetic and personal care packaging solutions, has released new jars with highly compatible liner inserts. The new inserts ensure that gel and cream products are kept in place without succumbing to many issues related to compatibility, including discolouring or premature spoiling.

Though it's a simple solution, and one that's found in many places, Pin Mao's liners undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are 100% compatible with the specific formula they'll be retaining. In most cases, a standard PP liner will provide an optimal choice, as it does not interact negatively with most marketed formulas and offers the consumer a simple and effective way of keeping their products safe. Each of the liners comes with a simple pull tab, a familiar paradigm, that users are accustomed to and recognize.

Having the liners in place means that products can be taken about with less fear of leaking out or accidentally opening in transit. Further, it keeps air from rushing in and over the contained product, ensuring it does not dry out ahead of time or wind up being less efficacious.

The liners are available for a number of jars, including the company's square and round shaped items. Decoration options are available to offer companies yet another branding opportunity apart from the surface of the container.

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Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development for a number of years now, and has garnered a reputation for offering an incredible number of standard lines that are easily decorated to create unique packaging concepts. The company has recently released its latest line, the IL series, with a simple, elegant silhouette that can make an excellent addition to existing personal care brand lines or serve as the centrepiece for a new market launch. Featuring an octagonal shape, the IL series is an eye-catching piece.

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