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Pin Mao, one of Asia's leading packaging firms focusing on the personal care and cosmetic markets, has released a number of new PETG items with similar, elegant shapes sure to turn heads. The best part is that companies can select between two configurations: mass-market, light items or luxurious heavy-base items with thick walls.

Comprised of similar bottle types, the line offers three distinct silhouettes that are perfect for a number of personal care items. Companies can select from straight-sided cylinders, pear-shaped, or drop-shaped. Each presents an elegant appearance and is ideal for any sort of cream, liquid, or gel.

Each bottle comes in two versions. The first is a light and delicate concept that uses less materials. This set was designed for firms in the masstige or mass-market space that needed a simple solution for standard products. They're also great for companies seeking to re-package their products in lighter items to improve sustainability numbers. The second is the heavy-bottom version, which provides more of a luxurious, upscale feeling due to the heft of the bottle. The thick walls of the bottles also capture light and offer an opulent brilliance that's hard to match.

In either case, the bottles range from 30ml up to 100ml and can be paired with a number of Pin Mao's dispensing options.

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Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development for a number of years now, and has garnered a reputation for offering an incredible number of standard lines that are easily decorated to create unique packaging concepts. The company has recently released its latest line, the IL series, with a simple, elegant silhouette that can make an excellent addition to existing personal care brand lines or serve as the centrepiece for a new market launch. Featuring an octagonal shape, the IL series is an eye-catching piece.

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