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Quadpack’s fragrance pack Gemel is the perfect option for scented hand sanitisers

Clean your hands! What was then simple advice has become a mantra – and a habit that is now repeated several times a day. Hydroalcoholic gels and solutions have been incorporated into our must-have items and are now an extension of our self-care routine.

Quadpack’s Gemel bottle is a small-size spray perfect for holding products that follow the cleanliness trend. Developed as a great solution for travelling and daily fragrance touch-ups, it can also be filled with scented hydroalcoholic solutions. Made of glass, a recyclable material suitable for a broad variety of formulas, Gemel is an excellent beauty on the go pack for multi-purpose products like perfumed hand sanitisers. These formulas are a promising beauty trend, as they disinfect the skin while leaving a pleasant fragrance, creating the wellness feeling that adds a special touch to hand sanitising products. Brands can play with colour, decoration and caps to give personality to the pack: fun, trendy, fresh… you name it!

Made in high-quality glass, Gemel can be refilled and easily disassembled to facilitate the recyclability of both bottle and cap. Available in 15ml and 30 ml versions, Gemel is an affordable pack perfect for brands that want to be on top of trends.

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