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The Charismo Dropper by Quadpack is the perfect solution for controlled application

Controlled application and efficiency in a recyclable bottle. The Charismo Droppers by Quadpack are an optimal packaging solution for formulas that require precise dosage, with reduced risk of skin contact and contamination.

Available in 10 and 30 ml, the Charismo Droppers bottles are made in glass, an endlessly recyclable material, and can be easily separated from the teat due to its thread opening system. Both droppers are perfect for low viscosity formulas such as serums, oils, essences, and water-like products. The 10 ml version is ideal for both eyes and lips care, as well as for sample and travel sizes. The 30 ml is a classic pack for standard-sized skincare and make-up products.

The Charismo Droppers are part of the Charismo range, which is also available in fragrance bottles of 50 and 100 ml, making them a good addition to brands that want to diversify or grow their product family. The squared format gives a modern and professional touch to the pack, and its smooth surface allows many decoration possibilities.


  • Skincare
    • Make-up
      • Fragrance

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