Light Me Up: the refillable airless pen for all beauty brands!

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Quadpack’s versatile pen with four different tips is a reusable solution for makeup and skincare

What if we mix sustainability with convenience and add a pinch of fun? Quadpack has tried the recipe – and succeeded. Light Me Up is our new airless refillable flow pen with four different, sensorial, cold-touch tips that provide an uncomplicated wellness experience.

Light Me Up is perfect for brands that want to provide precise application without compromising the formula, thanks to the airless system that provides bulk protection. A versatile product, the 6.6ml pen can be used for makeup and skincare, being ideal for liquid and low-viscosity formulations. The refill system is practical and intuitive: the inner bottle can be easily removed for recycling and replaced with a simple turn. The four different, sensorial cold tips create a personalised experience: brands can either launch a collection or choose the tip that best matches their formula.

The refill is made of PP and the full pack is available in up to 30% PCR, making it even more sustainable. The lifecycle assessment of Light Me Up shows that the product’s CO2 emissions reduce by 50% in the refillable version when compared to a non-refillable flow pen, while its circularity index shows a five-fold improvement. The product has an Advanced Level of Sustainability according to Quadpack’s PIP (positive-impact packaging) rating.

Light Me Up is available in the 6,6 ml capacity and can be decorated using various techniques, thanks to Quadpack’s extended finishing capabilities.

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