A Modern Pump for Modern Needs: Rieke's Mono-2e Pump

  • Rieke Packaging

Rieke has continuously innovated over the years, driven by emerging products and shaped by social and environmental factors. Today, there are global targets on impact reduction and government legislation to reduce plastic pollution and increase recycling, making sustainability a decision-making factor.

As a market leader, the company understands its responsibility in shaping the industry. That is why it has developed a revolutionary single polymer lotion pump: The Mono-2e is a groundbreaking product, ahead of global plastic legislation!

The Mono-2e features 6 parts made from one material, unlike conventional pumps, which include many parts made from different materials. It is 100% recyclable and designed to reduce the carbon footprint by more than 65%. But that is not all, the Mono-2e pump is also e-commerce ready, removing the risk of leaking during transit and is Amazon approved.

Speak to us today and discover a world of sustainable packaging.

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