UK Made Plastic Bottles

Robinson takes their environmental responsibilities seriously and are always looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing activities. Therefore, they have recently invested in new equipment to produce both PET and HDPE bottles and jars in the UK. Above all, this removes transportation costs they would normally have by importing them from their Polish operations.

By boosting their UK blow moulding capabilities, Robinson can offer a wider range of plastic packaging, all with the benefit of local, UK manufacture. In addition, they cater to those looking for a fully ‘Made in England’ end product.

Robinson now offers UK plastic bottles from 10 ml to 10 L and now all parts of the process are completed in the UK, Robinson can offer a quicker, leaner service. In essence, all activities are completed under one roof. For those looking for a UK based supplier. They now offer the complete package from initial concept, design, manufacture and decoration. Right down to its final packing and delivery, all on home soil.

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